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The Importance of Your Health


In our office we put your specific needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, chiropractic experience 

and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Our goal is to improve your lifestyle by caring for your health. 

Experienced Knowledge


Dr. Dowsett was born and raised in Dowagiac, Michigan.  Dr. Dowsett graduated from National University of Health Sciences in December of 1993

 in Lombard, Illinois.  He performed his undergraduate work at Ferris State University in Big rapids, Michigan and received his Bachelors degree in 

Human Biology.

Ever since his first experience with chiropractic, Dr. Dowsett focused on building a lifetime commitment to helping people, using chiropractic healing methods. Dr. Dowsett opened his first practice as a solo-practitioner in his hometown of Dowagiac, Michigan on August 20, 1996.  Prior to having his own practice, he worked in a group practice in Michigan City, Indiana. 

With over 25 years of experience, Dowsett Chiropractic Health Center is capable analyzing your body and creating a custom pain relief and rehabilitation plan to benefit your health. We understand the importance of educating you on chiropractic care so that you can heal quickly. 


A Chiropractor Who Cares


The Dowsett Chiropractic Health Center staff will not only treat your existing conditions; we strive to prevent pain and illness from reoccurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  

Dowsett Chiropractic Health Center is very proud of the relationships it has established with local general practitioners, neurologists, neurosurgeons, podiatrists, orthopedists, pain specialists and physical therapists.

Testimonials & FAQ's

What to Expect

Three Phases of Care

Phase One - Relief Care

 Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. In this first phase of care, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes this will require daily visits, or two to three visits per week for a time.

Most people are under the assumption that if they don't feel any pain that there is nothing wrong with them - that they are healthy. Unfortunately, pain is a very poor indicator of health. In fact, pain and other symptoms frequently only appear after a disease or other condition has become advanced. For example, consider a cavity in your tooth. Does it hurt when it first develops or only after it has become serious? How about heart disease? Regardless of whether you are talking about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress or problems with the spine, pain is usually the last thing to appear. When you begin chiropractic care, pain is also the first symptom to disappear, even though much of the underlying condition remains.

Phase Two -  Stabilization

Most chiropractors regard the elimination of symptoms as the easiest part of a persons care. If all that the chiropractor does is to reduce the pain and stop there, the chances of the condition recurring are much greater. In order to prevent a rapid recurrence of symptoms, it is necessary to continue receiving care even though your symptoms are gone. During the correction / restorative phase of your care, you will not have to receive adjustments as often as you did during the first phase of care and, depending on your particular circumstances, you may begin doing exercises and stretches at home to help accelerate your healing. Do not be discouraged if you have mild flare-ups in your symptoms on occasion. This is normal. Flare-ups are bound to occur during this phase because your body has not fully healed. Depending on the severity of your injury or condition and how long you have been suffering from it, this phase of your care may last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Phase Three - Wellness Care

Once your body has fully healed, routine chiropractic care can help ensure that your physical problems do not return, and keep your body in optimal condition. Just like continuing an exercise program and eating well in order to sustain the benefits of exercise and proper diet, it is necessary to continue chiropractic care to ensure the health of your musculoskeletal system. When you make routine chiropractic care a part of your lifestyle, you avoid many of the aches and pains that so many people suffer through, your joints will last longer and you will be able to engage in more of the activities you love.


Our Services

Chiropractic Care


Dowsett Chiropractic Health Center offers a wide variety of services, specializing in automobile accidents, workers compensation* cases, full spinal problems, 

extremities, children’s injuries and sports injuries. Dr. Dowsett and his staff are fully versed in the latest techniques, including Diversified and Gonstead, as well 

as Thompson Drop Table, and Cox flexion distraction for disc herniations.

We are knowledgeable in spinal and chiropractic adjustments. The purpose of spinal adjustments is to return the spine to a natural state of health and to reduce 

pain, muscle spasms, and nerve irritation, so you can enjoy your life pain free. 

The office is fully staffed with two experienced office assistants and one massage therapist who works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. X-rays can be ordered at nearby Borgess Lee Hospital or any other imaging facility. In addition; these services are performed in our office;  physiotherapy alternatives including ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, and hot/cold packs.  Dr. Dowsett understands that chiropractic is not a cure-all for every condition and will make the appropriate referrals, should chiropractic not be the best option for care.

Work Related Injuries


Most work injuries are caused by overuse and repetitive stress injuries. Overtime, small tasks done with poor posture can lead to acute and chronic pain, which can result in reduced worker productivity, lost time from work, disability, and 

an inability to perform job tasks. 

Specialized Services

Motor vehicle accident injuries
Work related injuries*
Sport injuries
Children and preventive and family care
Chronic difficult case

* Filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greatest or by both imprisonment and fine.

Services & Techniques


Many conditions that are not responsive to general medical treatments may 

be responsive to chiropractic techniques and approaches to wellness. In 

addition to treating common joint problems, many other conditions including bed-wetting, chronic ear infections, headaches, constipation, chest pains, jaw pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder and leg pain have been helped successfully by 

the Dowsett Chiropractic staff.

Chiropractic Techniques


 Gonstead adjusting
Thompson Drop Table
Cox flexion and distraction
Extremity adjusting
Full spine adjusting techniques

Adjunctive Care Services

Massage therapy
Electric muscle stimulation
Hot and cold pack
Exercise programs
Gym ball exercises
Vitamin supplementation
Orthopedic bracing for ankle, wrists, elbow, and low back conditions.

Miscellaneous Services

 Referrals – Lab work ups, MRI, CT Scan

 Diagnostic X-ray services

Meet The Staff


Dr. Timothy J. Dowsett, D.C.


Darci - Office Manager


Toni - Office Receptionist


Sarah - Massage Therapist


Lexi - Office Greeter

(Tuesday & Thursday)

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You may also fax or email them to the number or email located at bottom of page.

Testimonials & FAQ's

Customer Testimonials

Had the best massage ever today!! Sarah is great and did wonders. I can't wait for my next appointment!! Mark A. Decatur

Dr. Dowsett is awesome.  I have been to three chiropractors in the last 2 years and he is by far the best. Vickie S. Chicago, IL.

Dowsett Chiropractic is amazing. If only all doctors could have the 

bedside manner of Dr. Dowsett, the entire medical field would be a 

different place. Dowsett Chiropractic provides chiropractic care 

as well as massage therapy. Their office is clean, bright, relaxed, and 

newly remodeled. The staff is more than accommodating, and will gladly make same-day appointments and take walk-ins.  Mandy  Dowagiac, MI.

I have never meet a more caring individual then Dr. Tim. I have been 

going there for several years. He treats you like family. I definitely 

would recommend him to friends and family and he works very hard 

to help out his patient's.  Joseph A. Niles, MI.

I had such a great experience with Dr. Dowsett. I recommend this doctor 

to all my friends and family. Come over and feel relief today. Make an appointment.  Tina B. Dowagiac, MI.

Dr. Dowsett has been absolutely fantastic in helping me get my back fixed and getting me to be able to do basic every day chores. He provided me with a great wellness program over a short period of time that fixed my back. If you need your back fixed I recommend Dowsett Chiropractic.

Mable A.   Paw Paw, MIchigan

A great place to go. The staff is wonderful and treat you with the utmost respect and are so friendly. Dr. Tim is well knowledgable and a pleasure to see. Hubby has been going to him for a few weeks and we're very happy with the way we've been treated and the care he's received.     Ruth W.

The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. The whole office cares about 

you and goes the extra mile for you. It is refreshing these days 

to find a doctor who really listens to you.       Robert T. 

Great service! Very nice staff. My father has had back problems for a while. Recently he had a flare up and his general M.D. referred him for physical therapy which didn't do much for him. After reading the reviews for Dowsett Chiropractic I brought him in. They were attentive to his needs and listened to him. Although he has arthritis and some degenerative bone and joint problems we found out he has sciatic nerve issues too and is now getting the  treatment he needs. We're happy and I would recommend them.

Florence M.  Dowagiac, MI.

I  have had a wonderful experience at Dowsett Chiropractic. They  have helped me more than any other chiropractor. The machines have been  very beneficial. My adjustments are  gentle and effective. I have been given exercises that help my back and  neck problems. I would recommend Dr. Dowsett without hesitation.     Steve A.


Q: How does chiropractic work?
A: Chiropractic works because you are a self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. Millions of instructions 

flow from your brain, down the spinal cord, and out to every organ and tissue. Signals sent back to the brain confirm if your body is working 

right. Improper motion or position of the moving bones of the spine can interfere with this vital exchange by irritating nerves and compromising 

the function of affected organs and tissues. Specific spinal adjustments 

can help improve mind/body communications. Health often returns with improved nervous system control of the body.

Q: Is chiropractic scientific?
A: Chiropractic is a science, an art, and a philosophy. It’s a scientific fact t

hat your brain and nervous system control every cell of your body. Research confirms that interferences to the controlling role of the nervous system change the way the body works. This is most common along the spine. Objective tests help locate these areas along the spine. Specific 

adjustments help reduce the interferences. Results prove that 

chiropractic is safe, simple, and scientific.

Q: What can chiropractic cure?
A: Chiropractic doesn’t cure anything. Nor is it a treatment for disease. 

Your body does the curing. The only thing that the best doctors can do 

is to remove any interferences that may be preventing your body from healing itself. That’s why chiropractic doctors are interested in the 

nervous system. Your nervous system controls how your body works. 

With a better nerve supply, your own inborn healing abilities are 

unleashed and all kinds of things are possible.

Q: How do you get subluxations?
A: There are three basic causes of subluxations. Physical causes could include slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, and improper lifting. Emotions, such as grief, anger, and fear can cause of subluxations. Chemical causes could include alcohol, drugs, pollution, and poor diet.

Q: What does an adjustment feel like?
A: Most patients report a sense of well-being or a feeling of calmness. Since repeated adjustments are necessary, if adjustments weren’t comfortable, patients wouldn’t return. Chiropractic doctors excel at making spinal adjustments comfortable and effective.

Q: Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
A: Yes. A New Zealand government study found that adjustments are “remarkably safe.” By avoiding drugs and risky surgery, chiropractic 

care enjoys an excellent track record. A thorough exam can identify the 

rare person for whom chiropractic care might be unsuited. Compare 

the statistics. Adjustments are about 100 times safer than taking 

an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Q: What makes the sound during the adjustment?
A: Lubricating fluids separate the bones of each spinal joint. Some 

adjusting methods can produce a sound when the gas and fluids in 

the joint shift. It’s much like opening a soda can or 

swishing mouthwash in your mouth. The sound is interesting, but 

isn’t a guide to the quality or value of the adjustment.

Q: Is it safe for pregnant patients to have chiropractic care?
A: Yes. Pregnancy may be one of the best times to receive chiropractic care! While it’s always good to have an optimally functioning nervous system, it’s especially helpful now. Both mother and baby can benefit. Adjusting methods are adapted to a mother’s size, weight, and condition. During this period of weight gain and hormonal changes, many mothers seek chiropractic care. Some report shorter and easier births.

Q: How long will I need chiropractic care?
A: After patients get the relief they want, many choose to continue with some type of periodic care. These patients show up for their visits 

feeling great. These visits can help support the final stages of healing 

and help detect and resolve new problems before they become serious. 

Our job is to offer the very best care we can, and your job is to decide 

how much of it you want.

Q: Will I receive any medication for my pain?
A: No. Chiropractic doctors don’t dispense drugs. Because we rely on natural methods, we can show you how to use ice to control any painful symptoms. When properly applied, ice can have an analgesic effect without the side effects associated with pain medications.

Q: What if my policy doesn’t cover chiropractic?
A: Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know. It is your most valuable possession. Yet, each of us is free to place a different value 

on our health. It’s convenient when an insurance company or third party helps pay the bill. But be careful! Don’t allow the profit motives of a 

huge corporation to make the decision for you. If you sincerely want 

your health back, we can help. Find out how we make chiropractic 

care affordable for just about anyone.

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